2014 General Board Report from the Board of General Superintendents(BGS).   Delivered by Dr. David A. Busic on behalf of the BGS, Sunday evening, February 23, 2014 during the 91st General Board Session in Overland Park, Kansas.      English     Portugués    Español  



GREETINGS: As we begin the holiday season, I know schedules will become more crowded and various activities will compete for priorities. It’s appropriate at the beginning of this time to pause and ask: “Lord, make me sensitive to Your presence and responsive to Your priorities for my life during these days. I worship You and want to give You permission to use me any way You desire.” I know that by praying thusly will make this season especially meaningful.

PASTOR MARK VALADEZ: The Nipomo Chamber of Commerce has selected Pastor Mark Valadez as Citizen of the Year, to be awarded on January 15, 2015. I’m sure he would appreciate your congratulatory correspondence. He and this congregation are making a positive impact in their community.

LOS ANGELES FIRST ENGLISH: Rev. Scott Chamberlain continues to serve as the T.I.P.S. interim pastor of this congregation and gives positive reports of the beginning stages of this transition. I know they appreciate your prayer.

MONROVIA: Pastor Phil Reed and his church board have extended an invitation to Pastor Josh Smith and the congregation at Mountainside Communion Church to join with them in their facility to minister to the Monrovia community. Pastor Smith and his congregation have accepted the invitation and are in meetings with Pastor Reed and the Monrovia Board to work out the implementation of this action. Please continue prayer as this plan unfolds.

NEW HOPE AT THE HILLS: The owner of the building where this congregation has been meeting for the past decade has sold the building and this congregation has to vacate the facility by January 19, 2015. Please be in prayer as they seek the Lord’s wisdom in how to move forward in addressing the housing of the Mission Hills congregation.

DISTRICT CENTER: The east half of the second floor is still vacant. Continue praying for this issue.

CHURCH PLANTING WORKSHOP: March 9-13, 2015, our district will host a church planting workshop to be held at our Temple City facility. There will be a three tracks of training: “Church Planting Essentials,” “Churches Planting Churches,” and “Certified Trainers.” The material is prepared by Dynamic Church Planting International. Dr. Bill Wiesman, Director of New Church Development for the USA/Canada Region will be assisting with this training. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will lead the right district pastoral teams to attend these training sessions.

DISTRICT 21-DAY FAST: The annual district 21-day fast is set for January 11-31, 2015. I’m calling on our people to intentionally give up something of their own choosing that they believe is interfering with their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. This is not meant to be approached from a legalistic standpoint, but is an open willingness to focus on the spiritual aspect of our lives. Each year, I look forward to the reports of the Lord’s blessings on our people.

LIFELONG LEARNING (CONTINUING EDUCATION): Pastor Josh Santin of our Oxnard Church is the new district Lifelong Learning (CE) Director.
Church Manual paragraph 527.6 says: “ Once a minister has fulfilled the requirements of a validated course of study for ministry, he or she will continue a pattern of lifelong learning to enhance the ministry to which God has called him or her. A minimum expectation is 20 hours of lifelong learning each year or the equivalent determined by the region/language group and stated in their regional Sourcebook on Ordination.
All assigned and unassigned licensed and ordained ministers shall report on their progress in a program of lifelong learning as part of their report to the district assembly. An up-to-date report on his or her lifelong learning program will be used in the church/pastoral review process and in the process of calling a pastor. The regional Sourcebook on Ordination for the region/language group will contain the details of the accrediting and reporting process.
Failure to complete these requirements for more than two consecutive years shall result in the ordained minister being required to meet with the District Ministerial Studies Board at their regular meeting time. The Ministerial Studies Board shall give guidance to the minister in completing the lifelong learning required. (115, 123, 514.12, 536.15).”
You may submit your learning experiences to Pastor Santin at the Oxnard Church address.

LOS ANGELES DISTRICT TRAINING CENTER: Director, Dr. Peter Lundell, sends the following information:
Please visit www.LADTC.org for all forms and information. There you will also find our 2014-2015 Academic Calendar. 
  For your winter planning:
Exploring Christian Holiness will be held Jan. 9-10 and Feb. 6-7.
History and Polity of the Church of the Nazarene will be held Jan. 23-24 and Feb. 20-21 
  All LADTC courses are required for ordination.
  Please contact Dr. Lundell soon if you have questions or wish to take the class and have not already contacted him.
ENCOURAGEMENT: Join with the saints of all ages in applying 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” NIV


                                                                                    Have a great week!
                                                                                    Jerry L. Ferguson
                                                                                    District Superintendent