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GREETINGS: Spring has sprung and the trees and flowers are brightening our environment. In the midst of our hurriedness, lets stop and smell the roses along our pathways of life. We still need much more rain than we've received, so as were walking, lets pray for the Lords intervention in the midst of our extended drought. Our governor has mandated a 25% decrease in water usage compared to 2013. In America, we take clean drinking water for granted. We are a blessed people who are called upon to be a blessing to others. Lets do what we can to meet the needs of those we come across.

PASTOR RON SALSBURY UPDATE: Please see the end of this In Touch.

CHURCH REPORTS DUE: All pastors reports are due into the district office this week. Please help us as we prepare for district assembly in just a few weeks.

FREE BOOKS AVAILABLE: District Superintendent Jerry Ferguson has a number of books available free for pickup at the district office. Please let Shay know when you might be stopping by in order to make sure someone is there. We are not reserving anything for anyone; therefore, first come - first served.

EVANGELIST NORMAN MOORE: Intentionally scheduled and purposefully focused Revival services can be a significant part of the genuine renewing work of the Holy Spirit in our churches. We do not have to settle for apathy, stagnation and decline. It is possible for this essential revival to be experienced in these days! Benefits of REVIVAL:
1. Lost people can be saved.
2. Believers can be sanctified.
3. Individual Christians can be renewed.
4. Those who have strayed from the Lord can return to Him.5. The church can be awakened from apathy and stagnation.6. Families can be healed in their relationships.7. Church unity can improve.8. Lay leadership can make new commitments.9. Church finances can improve.10. The pastor and spouse can be encouraged in their ministries."For we are God's fellow workers" (I Corinthians 3:9).
You may contact Norman Moore at www.normanmooreministries.org. I highly recommend him.

MIDDLE EASTERN OUTREACH MINISTRIES: Each year brings a new anointing from the Lord to do great works in His name. And each year, we minister throughout California and the U.S., preaching the Gospel to the lost and conducting MEOs Islamic Awareness Seminar, and training churches hungry for the truth. The Lord has also called us to minister extensively in South America and the Middle East, bringing the Gospel to people from the humblest of circumstances to the halls of power.
You may contact Nazarene ordained elder, Rev. Eli Elbayadi, to schedule a service at meo.e95@gmail.com or cell phone 818-482-5242. For more information, see the web site at www.meom.org.

DISTRICT CHILDRENS CAMP The Los Angeles District has been working with Forest Home Christian Camp in the San Bernardino Mountains to plan summer camps for our children this year. Forest Home offers camps for grades 3 and 4 and for grades 5 and 6. Each camp is tailored to the specific age group and offers our children a wonderful week experiencing Jesus through worship, nature, activities, and friendships. PazNaz is attending June 21 26 and NewNaz is attending July 12 17th. In addition, there are camps that run each week through the middle of August. If your church is interesting in participating, please contact Pastor Kathy Cannon (661 259-5272 or Kathy@newnaz.org) as soon as possible to reserve spaces. Partial financial help may be available as the cost of Forest Home is higher than last year.
For churches unable to attend any of these camps, Granite Ridge will also be conducting two Kids Camps (see information below). For further information on these, contact Granite Ridge at 805-238-3582.

NYI SUMMER CAMP: The dates for this summer for both Jr. and Sr. High students are July 27-31, 2015. It be taking place at Quaker Meadows. The speaker will be Rex Baker. Rex is thePastor of Spiritual Formation and Worship at Connecting Point Church of the Nazarene in Denair, CA (near Modesto) on the Central Cal District. The theme this year is "Keep It Old School" and the theme verse is 1 John 2:7. Cost is $250 by registration deadline (July 9), leaders: $150 by deadline. Look for more information coming from NYI. If you have questions you can contact our District NYI president, Aaron at Aaron@sbnaz.com.
For churches unable to attend any of these camps, Granite Ridge will also be conducting a Jr. High and a Sr. High Camp (see information below). For further information on these, contact Granite Ridge at 805-238-3582.

GRANITE RIDGE CAMP: Here are the dates for the camps, speaker, and costs.
Junior High Camp (6th-thru-8th grade) - June 22-26
Speaker: Cory Nelson, San Luis Obispo
Special Guests: Nipomo Pastor Mark Valadez & Childrens author Jill Osborne.
Cost: $250.00

Childrens Camp (3rd-thru-5th grade) - July 6-10
Speaker: Cory Nelson, San Luis Obispo
Special Guests: Nipomo Pastor Mark Valadez & Childrens author Jill Osborne.
Cost: $250.00

Childrens Camp (3rd-thru-5th grade) - July 20-24
Speaker: Cory Nelson, San Luis Obispo
Cost: $250.00

High School Camp (9th-thru-12th grade) - July 27-31
Speaker: Cory Nelson, San Luis Obispo
Cost: $250.00

Granite Ridge also has open dates for the remainder of the year for church board, Sunday school class, or other types of retreats. Shay Stewart is our interim director of the camp and you may schedule your retreat by calling Granite Ridge at 805-238-3582.

2015 PASTOR AND SPOUSE RETREAT: Please mark your calendars for our 2015 Pastor and Spouse Retreat.We will have the schedule and more info on our website www.lanazretreat.org.
Location: Newly Remodeled SeaCrest Hotel, Pismo BeachCost: $380 (If you pay online there is an additional $12 fee.)
$340 for a single
Dates: September 21-23, 2015Speaker: Dr. David Busic(Please mail all your payments to Santa Maria Cornerstone Church at
1026 E. Sierra Madre, Santa Maria CA, 934540
For more info:lanazretreat.org
Contact Person:Josh Johnson
Chair of Pastor & Spouse Committee
Senior Pastor
Cornerstone Nazarene, Santa Mariaemail: pastor@cornerstonesm.org

DISTRICT CENTER: The east half of the second floor is still vacant. Continue praying for this issue.

ENCOURAGEMENT: Here are the implications of Easter, as recorded in Luke 24:46-49 This is what is written:The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things. I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high NIV.

Have a great week!
Jerry L. Ferguson
District Superintendent

PASTOR RON SALSBURY UPDATE: - May 1, 2015 - Faithful, Fervent Prayer
Hello Dear Ones! As you know, in March I had a PET Scan and biopsy that showed the return and spread of Lymphoma. According to my doctor at UCLA, the only hope for cure would be another stem cell transplant, using a donors stem cells. Although I was, and still am, open to that I just believed that God had another plan. We began to pray in earnest, joining with many thousands around the world. Im humbled by all the love and support. I dont know why God heals sometimes and not other times. But, I do know this: God does heal! And often, its in response to the faithful, fervent prayers of his children. (James 5:14-16; Luke 11:5-10; Matthew 18:19-20) Thank you for all of your faithful, fervent prayers! Its working!
Good news! I had a PET scan done April 23rd (it was a miracle that the insurance paid for it!) The next day, we met with my oncologist. He said, Well, youve had remarkable improvement! There is still activity on the PET scan indicating cancer, but its much improved. There is no activity in the groin area where it showed on the last PET scan. The neck still shows activity but right now I cannot feel any swollen lymph nodes. If you were having chemo now, Id say it was working well. I guess Gods chemo is better than mine! Ill pass your results on to the doctor at UCLA for her review. So, lets do nothing for now, Ill see you in a month and if anything changes give me a call. We were hoping for all clear, but remarkably improved is good! Ill see my local oncologist on May 22nd. Thanks for your continuing prayers. Ill keep you posted.
I believe with all my heart that we are entering, and have already entered, a crucial time in our lives where prayer is not just a nice religious activity, but desperately needed for our survival, the survival of our nation, our marriages and our families, and for our effectiveness as a church. These are desperate times! Prayer for me now is a matter of life and death! But its not just for me, the needs are overwhelming all around us. Sickness is increasing, marriages and families are crumbling, churches are imploding and cities are being torn apart with drugs, violence, and injustice.
But God is alive and well! His kingdom is breaking into our lives in unique and powerful ways! Were seeing miracles! One example is a young man from our church with brain injury, on life support, and the doctors told the parents that if he survives, to prepare for his lifelong care as a vegetable. With much, deep and desperate intercessory prayer, he got out of bed on Easter morning completely healed!
I believe this was a sign and a wonder to remind me, and all of us that God still answers prayer and still does miracles! So, I want to call you to a renewed experience of faithful, fervent prayer! May 7th is our National Day of Prayer. Gather with us at noon for an hour of prayer at either the Pismo Beach City Hall or the Arroyo Grande City Hall. Then, at 7 p.m. at St. Johns Lutheran Church for a regional prayer meeting. Then, I want to invite you to join me for a three day fast, May 18 to 20 which will culminate with an All Church Prayer Meeting on May 20th at 7 p.m. in our Worship Center for a Night of Miracles. If you have a small group, come and join us! Or, make that a special time of prayer wherever you meet.
Fasting is a powerful spiritual discipline. Jesus said (Matthew 6:16), WHEN you fast not IF you fast. You can find helpful resources on our website: www.newlifepismo.com. Click on Resources, then Documents. The Spiritual Disciplines and Fasting, the Misunderstood Discipline articles will be helpful! I strongly encourage you to join us in prayer AND fasting. You can join us for all three days, one day, or the Noon meal on May 20th. Well be doing a complete fast (water and juice only.) If for medical reasons, you cannot join us, please commit to faithful, fervent prayer! Fasting without prayer is just dieting!
Im feeling desperate these days! Its not just because of my fight for life against cancer, its because Im sensing so much at stake in our lives, our marriages, our families, our church, our community, and our nation. The darkness is getting darker, but thankfully, Jesus is alive!!! And as he reigns in us, we are the Light of the World! (Matthew 5:14) So dear ones, its time to step it up!!! Ignite your prayer life with some diligent, committed effort! Join us in fasting! Join us for a special prayer gathering! PRAY!!! Its a matter of life and death!
Leading on My Knees, Pastor Ron Salsbury